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Eric Brac de la Perrière

General Director


Entrepreneur on the lookout for innovations and new business models, Eric Brac de La Perrière joined Eco-Emballages in 2009 as Managing Director. 100% private, with a 100% duty general interest Eco-Emballages is an innovative company which is based on a dual principle of responsibility of businesses and consumers and cooperation between actors. Thanks to the joint action of elected officials, local authorities, companies, associations and refresher courses, and of course thanks to the daily act of sorting the 60 million French, 67% of containers are already recycled, the objective is to reach 75%. Defender of the environmental, social and economic effectiveness of this device, Eric Brac de La Perrière has launched a stimulus package recycling with two priorities : the development of recycling of all plastics and gathering in the city where two sorts times less than in rural areas.
Convinced that private companies are effective in the general interest, Eric Brac de La Perrière is involved in numerous associations and organizations. It is part of the Commission led by Jacques Attali to develop and promote “positive economics”, he is also a director of the CNE (National Packaging Council), Committee 21, a member of Ashoka (global network of entrepreneurs social) and operates at the School of Mines ParisTech Agro.

André Azoulay


Of His Majesty The King Mohammed VI

Advisor of sovereign Hassan II and Mohammed VI, he at the origin of the city of Essaouira transformation program, that is committed to the promotion and revitalization of the city that holds a special place in the historical, cultural and spiritual kingdom. In 1992, he created for this purpose Essaouira Mogador Association which initiated and perpetuated an original approach and successful sustainable development, from the cultural and artistic heritage of Essaouira in the service of the mixing of cultures and religions.

It is in this context that are born the Gnaoua World Music Festival (1997), the Spring Musical Trade winds (2001) and the Atlantic Andalusias Festival in Essaouira (2003). André Azoulay is elected President of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue Between Cultures, member of the Committee of Wise Men for the Alliance of Civilizations at the United Nations, Deputy Chairman of the Foundation of the three cultures and three religions, administrator of the Mediterranean Forum and the Shimon Peres Center for Peace.

André Azoulay is Advisor to the King of Morocco since 1991. Before being called by the late King Hassan II to work with him on economic and financial affairs of the kingdom, he had a long career in the Group Paribas in Paris.

As advisor, first with the late King Hassan II (1991-1999) and since alongside King Mohammed VI, André Azoulay has contributed to the implementation of economic and financial reform program, applied by the Kingdom of Morocco since the early 1990s.

In addition to his professional responsibilities, André Azoulay campaigned for over half a century for the creation of a Palestinian state and for a dialogue respectful of all, between the Arab-Muslim world and the Jewish communities in Europe, United States, and more generally of Arab and Jewish diasporas in the world.

Member of the Board of Directors of Al Akhawayn University (Ifrane), University of the Mediterranean (Fez), the High Council of the Alliance Israelite Universelle (AIU) and the Institute of Political Orientation Committee Prospective Mediterranean World (IPEMED), it also serves to Yala Councils (Young Arab Leaders for Peace in the Middle East) and the Institut Pierre Mendes France.

Member of the Royal Academy of Morocco, of the Royal Spanish Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences, André Azoulay is a Commander in the Order of the Throne (Morocco) and holds numerous international awards (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico).

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