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Martha Delgado

General Director

Secretariat of the Global Cities Covenant on Climate – PENSAR

Martha Delgado is a leading figure in the environmental movement involved in political society in Mexico. Her leadership results from over twenty years of experience in various civil society organizations dedicated to sustainable development and the strengthening of citizenship, and fifteen years of experience in public administration at the federal and local levels.

She served at the federal public administration where she acted as advisor to the Presidency of the National Institute of Ecology from 1993 to 1998, in charge of the decentralization process of environmental management, and thereafter of the public participation to generate new decrees for Natural Protected Areas. During five years she led one of the most important environmental civil society networks, the Union of Environmental Groups, composed of a hundred of Mexican ecologist groups.

From 1998 to 2003 she was President of the NGO Mexican Citizens Presence, dedicated to promote democracy, environmental agenda, and the participation of youths in the public sphere; and she also founded in 2006 the Mexican Alliance for a New Culture of Water. From 2003 to 2006 she was elected Independent Deputy in the Third Legislative Assembly of Mexico City, where she created and chair the Water Management Commission. Martha is fellow of the Leadership for Environment and Development Program (LEAD) funded by The Rockefeller Foundation.

Martha Delgado was Minister of the Environment of Mexico City during the administration of Mayor Marcelo Ebrard (2006-2012), where they develop ambitious environmental policies like the Green Plan of Mexico City, the Climate Action Program, the bike sharing system ECOBICI, the recovery of the Magdalena River, the last living river in the city, among others.

At the international sphere Martha served as First Vice-President of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, an international organization that regroups over a thousand five hundreds cities from all over the world (2011-2014). She works at Fundación PENSAR, as a General Director of the Secretariat of the Global Cities Covenant on Climate, a local leaders initiative that joint 338 Mayors of the world to combat the global warming ( Martha is also member of the Advisory Committee of the Momentum for Change initiative at the UNFCCC and member of the international jury of the WWF Earth Hour City Challenge award. Currently Martha is studying sustainability and environmental management at Harvard University.


Dr Robert Sebbag

Vice President Access to Medicines


Dr Robert Sebbag is currently Vice President Access to Medicines at Sanofi. In his role, Dr Sebbag participates in the company’s access to medicines strategy development for the Southern Hemisphere. Prior to joining Sanofi, Dr. Sebbag worked in Brussels for the European pharmaceutical industry association (EFPIA) on creating a communications platform for the pharmaceutical companies operating in Europe. In his prior role, he was Senior Vice President of Communications for the vaccine company, Aventis Pasteur (today known as sanofi pasteur). In addition to his activities within the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Sebbag is also teaching public health courses within the Paris hospital system, focusing on tropical parasitic diseases. Dr. Sebbag is active within the French Red Cross and has participated in numerous health missions in the Southern Hemisphere. Dr. Sebbag is a Doctor in Medicine with specialty in tropical parasitic diseases and training in psychiatry.

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