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Annick Delhaye

Vice-President of the PACA Region

In charge of sustainable development, environment, climate, energies

Vice-President of PACA Regional Council delegate to the ecology, environment and sustainable development in the previous mandate.
Annick has traveled and worked abroad in citrus cultivation in the United States and Algeria, and taught French in Brazil. In France, she worked for 15 years Assedics and was project manager in large groups. Senior Advisor of Education (CPE) for 15 years, she is now retired from the Ministry of Education.
She has been a union member for 20 years ( CFDT- NMS) and the Labour Court judge and president of the board of overseers of Aix en Provence.
Annick was councilor of the city of Aix-en-Provence in the majority from 1989 to 1995 and currently in opposition in Eguilles (13); she is still active militant, including in the field of environment / health.
Since 2004, the beginning of his mandate to the Regional Council , Annick has enabled our region to become leader (1st solar region) , in the areas of control of energy demand, energy efficiency and fuel economy and renewable energy, with the ACT program for energy ( ITER ALTER- ) implemented by the Greens. She strongly supported Agenda 21 and regional players in environmental education , creation of new regional parks and regional nature reserves . She also fought for the establishment of a regional plan for water resources , the SOURSE ( blueprint for rational and solidary use of water resources ) and for the vivid cross in the institution .
Since the new term in 2010, Annick has taken over to develop ever more energy saving, efficiency and energy sobriety through the ACT + approach to energy and global and regional energy climate plan (RECP) which is the energy component of Agenda 21, to his different directions at the Regional Council, our territories and to all of us as citizens of this one planet.
With Annabelle Jaeger, Delegate to biodiversity, it sets up a regional biodiversity strategy. Indeed it has in all sectors of our society, so this is our “life insurance” that must be preserved.
Through the Sourse, Annick engine is in the commitment of the region to ensure sustainable access to water for all.
Education for sustainable development and eco-citizenship is still one of the major axes of Annick as it is to explain to everyone the environmental challenges facing our society, understand the need to change behavior that bright future generations.
Transversality initiated in the previous term grows not only among politicians but also in services, allowing greater coherence in the policies of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Rajaâ Aghzadi Traki


Coeur de Femmes

Early on, Professor Rajaâ Aghzadi shined. Bachelor at 15 and doctor at 21, she was the youngest doctor of his class. Specializing in surgery, she began her career at age 30. General surgeon, and training viscérologue nothing initially only the door to oncology. It is the awareness of the existing lack for breast surgery which pushes this specialty. Being a woman also. “Several women came in consultation asking me to help them,” she says. “They came to me and so I decided to go as toward them. And in the end a woman is able to feel the pain of another woman. It is a real earthquake that occurs in the life of a breast cancer affected person”.
During consultations, Rajaâ Aghzadi Traki see how breast cancer affects the whole family. Indeed, when the mother is affected, it is the whole balance of the family who sees shaken. The importance of the sociological dimension of the disease will lead to the prolonging her action at the national level through the creation in 2001 of the association “Coeur de femmes”. The mission assigned to it is to assist in the care of women with breast cancer. Through it, the Professor Aghzadi will work on the field against the social impact of cancer as it will combat with the knife in his operating room. “Women Heart” umbrella and several “races of Hope” just as it organizes awareness caravans across the Kingdom. These actions will help to break the taboo surrounding the disease and make the fight against breast cancer a national struggle. Pr. Aghzadi will be behind the choice of the color pink to symbolize this fight. Since, during the International Day against breast cancer, this color is carried across the world by supporting women living with the disease.

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