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Rajaâ Aghzadi Traki


Coeur de Femmes

Early on, Professor Rajaâ Aghzadi shined. Bachelor at 15 and doctor at 21, she was the youngest doctor of his class. Specializing in surgery, she began her career at age 30. General surgeon, and training viscérologue nothing initially only the door to oncology. It is the awareness of the existing lack for breast surgery which pushes this specialty. Being a woman also. “Several women came in consultation asking me to help them,” she says. “They came to me and so I decided to go as toward them. And in the end a woman is able to feel the pain of another woman. It is a real earthquake that occurs in the life of a breast cancer affected person”.
During consultations, Rajaâ Aghzadi Traki see how breast cancer affects the whole family. Indeed, when the mother is affected, it is the whole balance of the family who sees shaken. The importance of the sociological dimension of the disease will lead to the prolonging her action at the national level through the creation in 2001 of the association “Coeur de femmes”. The mission assigned to it is to assist in the care of women with breast cancer. Through it, the Professor Aghzadi will work on the field against the social impact of cancer as it will combat with the knife in his operating room. “Women Heart” umbrella and several “races of Hope” just as it organizes awareness caravans across the Kingdom. These actions will help to break the taboo surrounding the disease and make the fight against breast cancer a national struggle. Pr. Aghzadi will be behind the choice of the color pink to symbolize this fight. Since, during the International Day against breast cancer, this color is carried across the world by supporting women living with the disease.

Hakima El Haite

Minister of the Environment of Morocco

Hakima El Haite holds a BA in Biology and Water Microbiology at the Faculty of Sciences of Fez, a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in Ecotoxicology at the Faculty of Sciences of Meknes, a national PhD Environmental Sciences at the Faculty of Sciences of Meknes and a second PhD in Environmental Engineering at the Ecole des Mines de Saint Etienne – College doctoral schools of mines in France. She also obtained a degree in political communication at the University of Washington (Washington DC).

Hakima El Haite was attached to the Directorate General of Urban Agency of Fez (1992-1993), founding director of S.EAUGLOBE, a company specializing in engineering and environmental work since 1994, delegated to the Presidential Summit President of the United States of America OBAMA Entrepreneurship and nominated as pioneer in the fields of the environment in Africa and the Middle East (1990) and Vice President of US-NAPEO (North Africa Partnership For Economic Opportunity) (2011).

Her political career within the People’s Movement began in 2003. She participated actively and including all restructuring actions, regionalization and strengthening bodies of that party, the party representation and animation of conferences sustainability. Since December 2012, she is president of international relations of the party.
Treasurer of the National Women’s Union (1994) to the section of Fes, Vice-President of AFEM (2007) and the International Liberal INLW for women (2007), President Connectingroup int Founder. (2011), MP President of the Liberal International for women (2012), President of the Committee on National Charter for Participatory Democracy (2013) and Member of the Committee of the national debate with civil society.

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