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Myriam Maestroni

President and Founder

Economie d’Energie SAS

A graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Bordeaux, the University of Barcelona in finance and an MBA from ESADE, Myriam Maestroni specialized in different areas related in particular to the quality of the customer relationship (Service profit Chain, Harvard Business School), to organic growth through sustainable development strategies (IMD Lausanne), leadership (Challenge of leadership, INSEAD, Management, spirituality and Religion, UK, US, India -University of Bangalore…) and the dynamics of change, particularly in the industrial world.
Having a passion for energy, throughout her career she has advanced in this sector. Named CEO, at the age of 24, of the company Dyneff / Agip, specializing in downstream and distribution of petroleum products in Spain, she contributed to the deregulation of the domestic market. In 1996 she joined the Primagaz Group to launch the Iberian subsidiary from scratch. She was also the Director General of Primagaz Spain until 2002 before continuing his international career in the Netherlands at SHV ​​Holdings. In 2003, she was appointed Sales and Marketing Director of Primagaz France she become Managing Director in 2005, at the age of 38 years. She initiated the energy consulting approach, aimed at transforming the company, “designer and supplier of sustainable energy solutions,” saying it now had to apply to energy companies create value by capitalizing on the relationship client, and ensure, in particular, the effective implementation of distributed energy.
Since 2011 she is president and founder-shareholder of Economie d’Energie SAS. Born of the new energy paradigm, the company develops innovative programs to promote energy efficiency in all sectors concerned. This start-up, fast growing, large companies got confidence (Auchan, Leclerc, Carrefour, Schneider, Rexel, Total, GDF, Esso, Mr Bricolage… ) and created over 100 jobs in recent years. Over 250,000 French households took advantage of “web -life- web” programs designed and led by Energy Saving to renovate their homes.
Very involved in growth issues and sustainable innovation Myriam Maestroni regularly works with the top management of large groups (Auchan, Brinks , SNCF, EDF , Disney, Alcatel-Lucent … ) as well as in large schools ( sup de Co la Rochelle, Euromed / Kedge… ). She is also a speaker at HEC ( MBA / Executive Education ).
Since 2011 she is an independent member of the Board of ALBIOMA society (eg Séchilienne Sidec ) listed SBF 120, where she was Chairman of the Appointments Committee / Remuneration before taking the CSR Committee that helped create.
It is being appointed to the Board of McPhy company specializing in hydrogen technologies, and has been co-opted to the Board of BoostHeat, industrial start ups in the field of manufacturing high efficiency boilers in fund raising stage (IPO).
President and co-founder of the Foundation E5T (, it launched, in cooperation with Sup de Co La Rochelle and the EIGSI the Universities E5T in La Rochelle, whose third edition will take place in August 2015. she is also co -founder, with Jean Monville ( SPIE ) Circle of Businesses centenarians in partnership with HEC and ANVIE (which it holds the vice presidency since May 2014).
In 2012, she won the Award in the category of Tribune Green Business and was named Woman in Gold of the Environment in December 2014. She was also winner Vox Femina for Energy, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change in February 2015. It is decorated with the Order of Merit in respect of his professional career.
She is the author of three books: ” Emotional Intelligence, Services and Growth ” 2009 Maxima Editions ( Luis M. Huete ), “Energy Changes”, Editions Alternatives 2010 ( with Jean- Marie Chevalier ), “Learn to understand the world energy 2.0 ” (ed. Maxima, in October 2013, with the collaboration of JM. Chevalier and Mr. Derdevet ).

Dr Robert Sebbag

Vice President Access to Medicines


Dr Robert Sebbag is currently Vice President Access to Medicines at Sanofi. In his role, Dr Sebbag participates in the company’s access to medicines strategy development for the Southern Hemisphere. Prior to joining Sanofi, Dr. Sebbag worked in Brussels for the European pharmaceutical industry association (EFPIA) on creating a communications platform for the pharmaceutical companies operating in Europe. In his prior role, he was Senior Vice President of Communications for the vaccine company, Aventis Pasteur (today known as sanofi pasteur). In addition to his activities within the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Sebbag is also teaching public health courses within the Paris hospital system, focusing on tropical parasitic diseases. Dr. Sebbag is active within the French Red Cross and has participated in numerous health missions in the Southern Hemisphere. Dr. Sebbag is a Doctor in Medicine with specialty in tropical parasitic diseases and training in psychiatry.

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