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Maria de Fatima Monteiro Jardim

Minister of the Environment


Maria de Fátima Jardim is Minister of Environment since October 2008.
Prior to this position, she was Deputy Minister of Fisheries from 1990 to 1992, Minister of Fisheries from 1992 to 1996, Minister of Fisheries and Environment between 1996 and 2002.

Since very early, she participated in politics and joined the MPLA in February 1976. Since then, she participated in several municipal and provincial conferences in Luanda, Benguela and Kwanza Sul. She participated in several congresses of MPLA.
Apart from his political duties, the Minister Fatima Jardim has held other positions as Director of Fisheries Research Center from 1978 to 1990.

Marie-Roger Biloa

Chief Executive Director

Africa International Media Group

Marie-Roger Biloa, born an raised in Cameroon, is the Chief Executive Director of the Africa International Media Group. After studying at the Universities of Abidjan and La Sorbonne in Paris, The Diplomatic Academy in Vienna (Austria) and the Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge (USA), MRB is a journalist by profession and the Editor of the political magazine “Africa International”, and founding Editor of two highly successful local publications, “ICI-Les Gens du Cameroun” (2004) and “ICI-Les Gens du Gabon” (2008).

She has also been a very frequent talk show guest in Europe and Africa. Ms Biloa is also president of the “Club Millenium” in Paris, a think tank for Africa and a much appreciated networking center for African and international business and political leaders. The « Millenium Lady’s Club », attached to it, aims at inciting women to run for public office and get involved in politics. Its membership include very prominent African ladies, both in the public and private sector. Mrs Biloa does not exclude getting personally involved in active policy-making in Africa.

Ms Biloa also founded « Women for Clean Energy »in 2013. WFCE is a grouping of women willing to become actors in the clean energy chain. The group was set up to win energy supply contracts from governments and empower women in that male dominated field which has now been opened to the private sector. Today a state authorization to produce hydro-power on a couple of 5 MW sites has been secured and WFCE is seeking technical partnerships and funding. If successful, the model is meant to be replicated in other African countries.

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