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Khalifa Ababacar Sall


City of Dakar

Former Minister of Economy, Ababacar Khalifa SALL is Mayor of Dakar since April 2009, re-elected in June 2014. Two lines of force structure its work at the head of the municipality:
– Good governance with the aim of a municipal public service quality provided to citizens following the highest standards of transparency ;
– Participatory democracy through new inclusive dynamics to create cadres of mobilization of a vigilant and active citizenship.
His ambition is to make Dakar :
– A modern city by structuring investments that improve the environment and quality of life with innovative objectives and principles of sustainable development. In this context, important programs are running : the commissioning of an intelligent system of traffic lights fires, rehabilitation program and extension of municipal roads, the network expansion program public lighting with equipment powered by solar energy without counting the street paving EIIP which ultimately will mobilize 2,600 young people and be paid as such, a powerful generation of jobs and self-lever.
– A Solidarity City by social dynamics it develops to show the priority it accords to education through the program “The City in good parent student” in its various components which significantly lightened the burden on education Parents, health by increasing the technical platform of health facilities and expanding the provision of care for certain medical specialties. A solidarity City also by security that it broadcasts to raise the level of populations through the Development Fund and Municipal Solidarity (FODEM), the main instrument of socioeconomic policy of promoting women and youth, through which funds PAFSEP micro projects through micro gardening whose effects on food security and the fight against poverty are undeniable.
– A dynamic city in the energies it releases and the potential it values. In the cultural field, in addition to an amount of 150 million support fund CFA exclusively for cultural actors, an innovative program for creating training centers for careers in culture is underway.
A city open to all fraternities that engages with cities worldwide dynamic cooperation that serve the purpose of a win-win partnership.

Bruno Rebelle

General Manager



From January to May 2007, he was the Advisor Ségolène Royal, a candidate in the election president, in charge of sustainable development issues, environment and international solidarity.

Previously, he served from 2003 to 2006 as Director of Programs at Greenpeace International, based in Amsterdam, having been Managing Director of Greenpeace France from 1997 to 2003, during which the organization has experienced strong growth in France and has become a recognized partner on environmental issues and sustainability.

He graduated at the National Veterinary School of Lyon, in 1981, and he founded the international solidarity association in 1983 “Veterinarians without Borders”, which he was Chairman and Director General until 1996. Previously he practiced as veterinary on the Vercors plateau Drôme, working in partnership with the Regional Natural Park of Vercors.
Bruno Rebelle has published two books:
“Free Associations – ambitions and limitations of the associative model” Desclée Brouwer in January 1999 study on the functioning and governance of Associations Act 1901.
“The land is not for sale” Desclée Brouwer in May 2002 document outlining
modern environmental issues from the experience of Greenpeace.

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